Jim DellaValle


When a gigantic robot emerges from beneath the sea and obliterates one of the US Navy’s aircraft carriers with a single blast, it signifies the start of a reign of terror which sees the world’s financial centres destroyed within just a few hours.

With chaos descending on civilization and calls for help from European leaders, the President knows that he must act fast to avoid a complete catastrophe. But as he struggles to come to terms with destruction on a biblical scale he learns of something sinister. 

The robot, which has left such a trail of destruction, is one of two which had been discovered in the 1940’s but which hailed from Atlantis and are over 60,000 years old.  Under a scheme known as the Robotron Project, they have remained a closely guarded secret, kept from the knowledge of successive US Presidents.  Until today. 

Only one man has the ability to pilot the second one, connecting to it through chakras and his own DNA.  But will he be able to use it to save the world, find his father and get the girl of his dreams?  As radar installations suddenly pick up the robot, now on a direct course for New York, the race is one to stop it before the city is reduced to ashes and millions perish.