Jim DellaValle

"And then I see her eyes, as if they were right here in front of me. All I had to do is look into her eyes so that the deafening sound of my confused questions, muddled into the noises of the city drifted off, getting dimmer and dimmer, changing into a white noise in the background.

That’s peace for me. Not her. Not her eyes, but that long, interrupted and prolonged white noise in the background, a sound without a beginning or an end, a sound without sound, like the sea. It comes from a far until it reaches my ear and conveys the feeling of being in contact with the infinite, with the cosmos."

John Kaplan's Letters



"Pacific Ocean 10:00am. U.S.S. George Washington.

The U.S. Secretary of State and the President's daughter are on an official visit to the airforce greeted with full honors.

Within seconds a gicantic robot, 150feet tall, appears out of the blue and destroys the whole carrier with just one hit."